Principal’s Message

“The building of an educational institution is often an act of faith and the expression of that faith is in the philosophy on the basis of which they act”. Ravi J. Matthai. 

The vision and mission of Jainendra Public School is encapsulated in the faith of maintaining glorious cultural heritage with a unique blend of technological growth. We are committed to constant evolution of young minds so that they can tackle the global challenges confidently and successfully. The school organizes well planned scholastic and co-scholastic  activities to recognize and groom the talent of every child and stimulate the quest of doing the best. The teachers act as facilitator, motivator and guide whose individual attention encourage free flow of creativity and development of multi-talented personalities. We provide necessary platform, support and Encouragement to participate students in their field of interest and achieve excellence. 
Experienced and dedicated team of Jainendra Public School has effective communication between Parents-Teachers-Students which help them to understand  the needs, abilities and aspirations of students. With this cooperation, collaboration and coordination we ensure safe, supportive and motivating environment for students to grow and add glory to the nation and mankind. 
Thanks for your support. 


Mrs. Leena Sood