Jainendra Gurukul dazzled with the Bollywood Celebrities

comprising famous director Mr K.C.Bokadia, the most beautiful woman on planet Ms. Jaya Prada and one of the finest actor Mr. Raj Babbar, who came to promote their upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Bhoot Uncle tusi great ho’.
The school management Mr Subhash Oswal (ex President), Mr Sanjeev Jain Bittu Navkar  (President), Mr Sanjeev Jain Uday (Vice President), Mr Vishal Oswal (Joint Secretary), 
Mr Sanjeev Jain Sanjay Amarson (Manager), the whole faculty and students gave them a heartfelt welcome as they felt great privilege to meet such legends.
The famous personalities gave the school students the tips about how to pursue acting career through diligence and wisdom.
Mr K.C. Bokadia, the director of the film also announced to donate the profit from the movie as philanthropy.