A sweet Good Bye ‘Farewell’ to Jainendrians

A very eventful and mixed emotions-filled celebration was held for our students of class-10th and class-12th to bid adieu. The Program was chaired by the Principal, Mrs.Leena Sood and all the teachers. The excitement to dress up and celebrate had occupied the school. Multiple events like singing, dancing, jokes, spot games and so on were organised by the teachers. Students gave their solo performances followed with group dance to mark their farewell from school premises. Emotional speeches and songs sung by the students vividly described the students’ time period spent within school. Every Student of class 10th and class-12th was honoured with a memento with wishes of good luck. Titles of Mr and Ms. Jainendra, All-rounder, Charming face, Best attire,etc were given to the students. The programme ended on a formal note with a motivational speech by the

 Mrs Leena Sood.