“Welcome of toddlers in their School”

School is the first initiation into a complex set of social rules, norms and expectations, that influence our growth and development. Children experience a joyous sense of pride and educational spirit, accompanied by some degree of anxiety and pressure on their first day at school. The first day at school is a new experience for most of the children. The atmosphere changes completely for a child being in the comfort and safety of his/her own home to the formal setting of school. Not only is the environment different, but so is the routine and expectations.
Today on the first Day of school,  a warm welcome was  given to the students by the teachers. All the parents were in a very exciting mood to see their children as they were going to enter school for very first time . They all were wishing that their children must take every lesson so easily because this will act as the stepping stone for their future studies. After communicating with their kids, parents became more confident that their children will get excellent preparation on nursery level and in their classes , which will prepare them for their future life.